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Our Fleet

Another Enplus A1 wood pellet delivery
Another Enplus A1 wood pellet delivery

PBE Fuels may be a small company, but with our strong fleet and multiply collection points, we are able to make deliveries as far afield as Pembrokeshire, Anglesey, Cheshire, Oxfordshire, Cornwall and Devon and as far down as Penzance. By operating from multiple sites, this allow us to minimize our carbon footprint and offer competitive fuel prices for customers.

Our varying fleet of 6 and 8 wheeler vehicles offers a balance of delivery flexibility and volume. Our 8 wheelers allow us to deliver up to 19 tonne in a single delivery, whilst our 6 wheelers can carry up to 15 tonne, with the benefit of being able to access tighter delivery points, allowing us to meet the increase demand of our customers’ needs.

All of our vehicles meet the requiremed of ENplus. Each is fitted with legal for trade weighing equipment, giving customers piece of mind that they know exactly what volume of wood pellets have been delivered. Our vehicle are also installed with active on-board dust extraction and specialist delivery pipework and fittings to ensure wood pellets are delivered to your store to the highest of standards.

Meeting ENplus

PBE Fuels was one of the first traders in the UK to become accredited as an ENplus A1 trader.

Meeting ENplus A1The primary aim of the ENplus accreditation is to ensure that the customer receives fuel of a predetermined European specification. Although there are three quality tiers to this accreditations, the vast majority of wood pellets produced and sold in the UK meet the highest quality class of ENplus A1.

The accreditation ensures that wood pellets produced and sold meet the required standard throughout the supply chain from production to delivery to the end user.
In line with the ENplus A1, we manage quality by monitoring our wood pellets at all stages throughout our storage and delivery systems.

This includes :

  • Sampling all goods delivered into our stores
  • Regular monitoring of stocked wood pellets
  • Sampling and testing of products loaded into delivery vehicles
  • Regular staff training to ensure effective wood pellet delivery

Enplus also stipulated the pellet specification which must be maintained, how the product is stored and transported and procedures in order to maintain the audit trail.
Greater detail relating to the quality assurance requirements under the ENplus accreditation is available via our ‘Resources’ page.

Biomass Suppliers List

Biomass Suppliers ListPBE Fuels is an authorised supplier of wood pellets under the OFGEM Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI). All customers wishing to benefit from the RHI must source their wood pellets from sustainably managed forestry. Suppliers are required to register on the Biomass Suppliers List in order to supply their wood fuel to customers claiming the RHI. By doing so, suppliers must prove to OFGEM that their fuel meets all the criteria for sourcing sustainably managed forestry.  For further information please visit www.biomass-suppliers-list.service.gov.uk.

All wood pellets sourced through PBE Fuels are BSL authorised. The BSL number applicable to a customers delivery is shown at the top of each delivery note and invoice.

Security of supply

A new 2,500 tonne delivery arriving into Avonmouth from Balcas Brites in Invergordon
A new 2,500 tonne delivery arriving into Avonmouth from Balcas Brites in Invergordon

PBE Fuels are aware that in order to offer a supply of pellets to customers for the lifetime of their boilers, we must responsibly source and manage our wood pellets ensuring that our suppliers are able to offer a guaranteed and consistent supply of ENplus A1 wood pellets.

This, along with consistent customer service stands and business management provides reassurance to customers when purchasing their ENplus wood pellets from PBE fuels.