The UK government is bringing in new provisions on 1 October 2018 concerning the submission of heat meter readings to support a non-domestic RHI claim.

The current system, in force up to October 2018, allows biomass owners to input estimated figures when meter readings cannot be provided. There has been no limit on the number of times estimated figures are used. 

The Changes

This is changing. From 1 October, estimates will only be accepted for a total of 8 quarters during the 20-year lifetime of the RHI accreditation. 

The limit applies to each installation, not to the individual heat meters within the installation. For example, if you have 8 meters, and you use estimates for all 8 meters for a single quarter, you will not be permitted to use any further estimates.

In addition, from 1 October, you will not be able to submit estimated data where this would lead to a revision of RHIs already paid to you.

The purpose of these changes is to reduce Ofgem’s workload in assessing evidence to back up estimated heat usage. The government also says that it wants to support good practice from RHI claimants, in terms of heat meter and system maintenance.

Do you need help with your RHI submissions?

The Ofgem website is not user-friendly when it comes to quarterly submissions. We have helped several customers, who have fallen behind with their claims because they’ve been unable to work out how to input their figures.

If you’ve fallen behind with your claims, you need to take urgent action before 1 October, in case you need to estimated heat figures.

If you’d like help, please give us a call on 01437 761320.