Why replace your biomass boiler with another biomass boiler?

Installing a large-scale biomass system typically costs upwards of £100,000. So, if you’ve already invested a six-figure sum, why would you consider ripping out your original biomass boiler and replacing it with a new one?

There are two logical reasons:

  1. Your biomass system has become inefficient, so it’s not producing the heat it once did.
  2. And, because it’s not producing so much heat, you’re RHI receipts have dropped.

Losing out on even part of your non-domestic renewable heat incentives (RHIs) can make you question the whole viability of your original biomass investment. Biomass is a relatively cheap fuel compared to electricity or oil, but it’s the RHIs that pay back your £100,000(+) installation cost.

Also, once your system has been accredited by Ofgem, it can generate these RHIs for 20 years. If your biomass system is under 10 years old, you’ve got at least another 10 years’ money to bank – in theory. 

So, the answer to having less money in your bank because of a failing boiler that isn’t keeping your warm could be installing a replacement boiler.

The main problem with boiler replacement

Up until 30 September 2018, if you decommissioned your old biomass boiler, your RHI receipts would come to an end. So, you’d be faced with paying for a new boiler and the end of your 20-year income stream: a double whammy.

1 October 2018

With effect from 1 October 2018, this problem has disappeared – provided you follow the rules.

The UK Government has confirmed that you can replace your old biomass boiler with a new one, and continue to receive your RHIs, up to the heat capacity of your original installation. And you get to keep your old tariff. Read our blog on RHI’s for replacement biomass boilers.

Partial replacement

You won’t need to replace all your biomass plant. Your original system might have included:

  • Your biomass boiler
  • A fuel hopper
  • Pipework
  • A buffer tank

In most cases, it’s possible to retain much of the original pipework, the buffer tank and the fuel store. This means that the replacement should cost less, take less time, and cause less upheaval.

Why use PBE to replace your boiler or other biomass plant?

  • We’ve been involved with more than 1,000 biomass projects since 2008
  • We’re authorised to install ETA and Gilles boilers
  • We offer great service and can provide references from happy customers

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