How to buy a biomass system

There are four stages to having biomass installed at your premises. It’s a step-by-step process to make sure that you end up with the right system, tailored to your exact needs and wishes. 

Stage 1 – Site visit and assessment

Once you’ve made contact, and probably had a discussion with us by telephone, we’d be happy to visit you to offer further advice. This site visit is free of charge and, of course, entirely without obligation. 

There are three key points to cover at this first stage:

  1. It allows you to ask whatever questions you have about biomass
  2. We assess whether your project is suitable, and eligible for the 20-year RHI payments
  3. A full site survey, which will enable you to move on to the second stage

By the end of the site visit, your project manager will be able to tell you whether biomass is a good solution for you or, alternatively, whether the figures don’t stack up or if it’s a borderline case. 

We will also invite you to visit one of our existing installations, if you think that would be helpful.

We want happy long-term customers and we will only advise you to go ahead if we’re sure that it’s in your best interests.

Stage 2 – Design and specification

This is where we get down the to the detailed work. However, you are still under no obligation to proceed until contracts are signed at the end of this stage.

The key points here are:

  1. A detailed site specification, to include cost of materials and installation
  2. Assessing the likely RHIs, fuel and finance costs, so we can advise you on cash flow
  3. A contract, including start and completion dates, specification and cost

You will be dealing with the same project manager, who visited you to carry out the site survey in stage one.

Stage 3 – Installation and handover

We appear on site on the appointed day and get to work installing your biomass system. Before we get to you, we will have ordered all the kit, so that it arrives in timely fashion. Our aim is to work to the highest standards, but to have everything up and running as quickly as possible, and certainly by the project end date that we’ve agreed with you.

Again, we see it as a three-stage process:

  1. Ground works, pipelaying and boiler installation
  2. Commission and testing the system, using fuel provided by us free of charge
  3. The handover to you, including training 

That is just the start. The system needs to run for 20-years for you to maximise your RHI claims. So, we’ll continue to be available by phone and site visits, to help you along the way.

Stage 4 – After care and maintenance

It isn’t possible to submit your RHI application until the boiler has been installed and commissioned. You will need to keep the system in good working order, and this means regular servicing by a specialist biomass engineer. Of course, we’d love to have our engineers continue to work with you.

  1. RHI application and accreditation
  2. Ongoing service and maintenance
  3. Fuel supply, if needed

Finally, you’ll also need fuel. Unless you have your own supply, we hope you’d consider us here, too. We supply wood pellets throughout Wales and the West of England.

What we do

We’ve been designing and installing biomass systems since 2008 and our team has been involved in more than 1,000 biomass projects.

We also provide wood pellet and wood chip fuel to hundreds of customers in England and Wales.

Finally, we own several biomass boilers ourselves, which we use in our own business.

Would you like advice on installing biomass? — How to get in touch

If you would like to talk to us about a new biomass installation, or repairs and maintenance issues, or if you are interested in purchasing wood chip or wood pellets, please give us a call or complete the enquiry form below.


If you are thinking of installing a biomass system, Please give us a call and speak to one of our experienced engineers.


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