Commercial Biomass Boiler Installation & Replacement

As well as delivering biomass fuel, we install new or replacement biomass systems for heating or combined heat and power.

Our recent installations have included:

  • Tourism venues – for example, Bluestone National Park Resort and Folly Farm
  • Farms – for grain drying, dairy hot water and heating – for example, New House Farm, Trebared Farm
  • Public swimming pools – for example, Haverfordwest Leisure Centre

Despite reductions in the level of 20-year government subsidies (RHIs), biomass for heating remains viable for appropriate commercial projects. In most cases, the key is to ensure that your RHIs cover, or come close to covering, your monthly finance cost.

Are we eligible for commercial Biomass RHI’s?

If you have a potential project in mind, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise – either on new installations or replacement of your existing boiler or heating system.

biomass basics

Introductory information about Commercial Biomass Basics

Potential Business Advantages of Biomass

From a business or financial viewpoint, biomass has several ways of making you more money, as well as reducing your carbon footprint:

Reduce heating bills

For the right installation, you can reduce your heating bills because of the RHI income


For tourism businesses, biomass heating can be part of an environmentally friendly image


A biomass system might be self-sustainable: able to run on your own wood supply

New Commercial Boilers

As a new biomass boiler is a large undertaking, it’s vital to use a specialist biomass company to install your system and receive expertise from a team who have done this before.
Andrew Archer has been involved with more than 1,000 biomass installations since 2009.
Paul Ratcliffe who oversees our customer installations, started with biomass in 2003.
Learn more about the Biomass buying process.

With over 1,000 customers on our customer delivery list for pellets, we are often asked to look at biomass installations. This can be due to system efficiency issues, reliability issues, concerns over RHI income or your properties simply not being heated to the standard you would prefer.

We offer a boiler checklist, with a free initial visit and a series of recommendations and improvements. These will be classified as:

  • Essential for the ongoing running of the system
  • Good practice for the long-term operation of the system
  • Recommended non-essential work to improve system efficiency

Boiler Brands which we install and service 

ETA the European leader in biomass systems

Sokratherm for Combined Heat and Power

Gilles for specialist industrial biomass systems

Renewable heat incentive payments

You could be eligible for 20-years worth of RHI payments.

Andrew and Paul will be happy to help you with a quote.

free audit

Get a free site audit and find out if an improvement or replacement is best for you

3 steps to quoting a new commercial Biomass System:


Step 1

An exploratory meeting to show you more about biomass and a site visit to assess the business case.


step 2

Advice on the approximate cost of a biomass system and financing options link here plus a detailed design for your biomass system.


step 3

Revisions to the design and a firm quote based on the agreed specification.

5 things you will need
to consider

1. Will your project be eligible for non-domestic RHIs?

2. What size of boiler is required to produce the correct heat output for your project?

3. Does your property have sufficient space to house a biomass system, including the fuel store?

4. Will an HGV be able to access your property to deliver fuel?

5. Would you prefer to own your biomass system, or simply to pay lower heating bills?

Improving your biomass
boiler system

An inefficient biomass system can cost you money in terms of lost RHIs or high fuel costs. Some of the possible issues, which it is often possible to resolve, are:

  • Underpowered heat exchangers
  • Incorrectly sized thermal storage
  • Poorly insulated pipes
  • Undersized circulation pumps
  • Badly positioned heat meters
  • Faulty pellet stores causing degradation
    of pellets
  • Worn or wrongly sized augers
  • Acute angles in the pipework connecting your pellet store to your boiler

Routine servicing

Your biomass system should be serviced annually, and your pellet store should be cleared out at least once a year.

Replacement Commercial Boilers

If you already have a biomass system and it has been accredited for RHIs, you might consider replacing your current biomass boiler:

  • Your boiler may be coming to the end of its useful life, depriving you of future RHI payments
  • Your original installation was poorly specified, resulting in breakdowns or diminished RHIs
  • Your boiler may be fine, but you’ve got problems with other parts of your biomass system

RHIs: the 20-year Renewable Heat Incentive 

Once your installation is complete, we can apply to OFGEM for your RHI accreditation. If you prefer, you can do this yourself, but is a detailed and complex process.

The government subsidies (RHIs) paid for new installations have decreased from 9p per kilowatt hour in 2011 to around a third of that value in 2018.

However, this decrease applies only to new installations. If you have an existing biomass system, which qualifies for RHIs at a higher rate than is available today, you may be able to continue to receive payments at that higher rate even if you replace your boiler.
For example, if you started receiving RHIs when the tariff was 7p per kilowatt hour in 2013, but faults in your biomass system mean that you are not able to generate all the heat you’d like, we can put forward a case to Ofgem for remedial biomass system repairs, so that you could generate more heat and increase your RHI income.

Brands of boilers we replace

We will only install ETA or Gilles boilers.

However, if you own a different brand and would like a boiler replacement, we can remove your existing boiler and replace it with the most appropriate alternative from our selected brands.


When selecting PBE to install our 1MW solution, we were very impressed with their quality of workmanship, which we wanted to ensure reflected the facility. Their longstanding relationship of over 10 years with Bluestone National Resort meant that we knew they had the experience to deliver our solution.

Chris Ebsworth

CEO, Folly Farm, the number 1 tourist attraction in Wales

PBE completed our installation in less than 10 weeks from conception to completion. We now have a well designed and high-quality system fuelling our kiln. We received amazing support with any queries we had right from the start to the present day.

Tim Bodfish

Owner, Atheston Forestry