We deliver bulk wood pellets within 5 working days of receiving a customer order.

In a perfect world, you’d put in your pellets order when you still have two or three weeks supply in your hopper. But life doesn’t always work out like that. 

Running out of pellets

Sometimes, it can be difficult to see how much fuel is left in your hopper, because the level at the sides can be higher than the level in the middle. So, you can get a false impression as to how much fuel you have left. A sudden cold spell can also catch you out, as your biomass system will use up the pellet supply much more quickly than you’re expecting. Or, it might just be that you’ve been busy with other matters and you haven’t checked the hopper levels.

But, whatever the reason, if you’ve run out of fuel or if you’re going to run out in the next few days, it can be a real problem if your usual pellet supplier is quoting you two or three weeks delivery time.

Problems solved by our 5-day delivery promise

So, what problems does our 5 working-days delivery guarantee tackle?

Lack of heat: you and your family, or your guests and customers, or your animals – everyone is cold. This is uncomfortable for anyone but is particularly important if have no backup heating system and you run a care home, a hotel, or an animal sanctuary.

Non-domestic RHIs on stop: A non-domestic biomass system will not earn RHIs when it’s not generating heat. If this goes on for several weeks, it can be very costly. However, domestic RHI payments would not be lost as they are based on deemed usage rather than actual metered output.

Higher Pellets Price: Generally, you pay a higher price if you order a smaller delivery tonnage. For example, let’s say you have a 4-tonne hopper but your usual supplier takes 3 weeks to deliver. During that 3 weeks, if the weather is warm, you’ll use fewer pellets than you might have expected. That means you’ll have more fuel left in your hopper when the lorry turns up. So, you might have to take a tonne less than you’ve ordered, which could lead to a higher charge per tonne.

Cashflow: Some biomass owners keep their hoppers topped up with pellets, so they don’t risk running out of fuel. That is certainly better than your heating being on stop, but having to keep excess stock means that you may have more money than you’d like sitting in your fuel store. 

Stress: If you think that you’ll have to wait 3 weeks for a pellet delivery, it probably means that you’re going to be more worried about running out of pellets. On the other hand, if you know that you can have a delivery in a week or less, it should help to give you more peace of mind.

Emergency deliveries 01437 761320 or pellets24@pbe.org.uk 

For most customers, the 5-day delivery promise is sufficient. However, if you’ve run out of pellets and require more fuel within 24 hours, we’ll do our best to help you out. Please note, however, that this is a premium service and is not part of our standard guarantee.