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We deliver wood pellets and wood chip fuel to hundreds of customers in Wales and the West of England, within 5 working days of customer orders. Our fuel meets the highest quality government standards and is suitable for RHI accredited systems. If you do not yet have a biomass system, you might find our biomass basics information useful. What it is made of, how it came about, size of pellets, where they come from. Bulk Pellet Prices For all bulk deliveries, our pellet price includes blown to your store. You can reduce your annual bill if you join our loyalty scheme. Pelletised Bags We offer tote bags, half tonne and one tonne bags and also 10Kg or 15Kg palletised bags which can be delivered or collected from our central operation in Narberth.

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Emergency Delivery

If biomass is your only form of heating, and if you are in desperate need of a delivery in less than 5 working days, please phone us to organise an emergency delivery.
Volume Purchase
You will pay a lower price per ton if you take delivery of a full lorry load (around 15 tonnes) so, it makes sense for you to install a pellet store, which is big enough to take advantage of lower prices but not too large in terms of your annual usage.   Assuming you are going to burn the pellets to heat your premises, you will have to pay 5% VAT on top of the price per tonne.  
Contract prices for bulk pellets
For high volume customers, we can offer fixed price contracts for 12 months — or longer.
With a fixed-price contract, your cost per ton will remain the same through the contract term, provided you purchase every load from us.

biomass basics

Introductory information about Biomass Boilers
Flexible payment methods
You can pay by online banking or telephone us to pay by credit or debit card. If you would like to spread your payment evenly over the year, you can also set up a monthly instalment. 


You need to buy more than 10 tonnes in the year from August to July.
Wood pellet depots and distribution
Our lorries work from distribution centres in Cheshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol and West Wales. If you are within our delivery area – as shown on the map – please call on 01437 761320 to order. Having multiple pick-up points helps:  

  • Reduce our journey time to you,
  • Minimise our carbon footprint
  • Offer competitive prices  
  • Fast response times to your order 

If you live just outside our delivery area, please call us to enquire. Depending on your exact location and the tonnage you require, we may be able to deliver to you.

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We guarantee to make your delivery within 5 working days of receiving your order, and we achieve a 99% success rate. The few challenges we have not been able overcome have generally been beyond our control, such as severe weather conditions.     If we have not delivered to you before, you will also need to complete our pre-delivery checklist, to make sure we can access your property.  Our delivery lorry needs to get as close to your pellet store as possible.   The lane or roadway into your property needs to be wide enough and firm enough to take a HGV. Also, there needs to be room at your property for the lorry to turn, and you need to protect any fragile ground features, such as manhole covers, which could be damaged by a 30-tonne lorry.  If you’re worried about access, then please contact our office team who will organise a pre-delivery site audit. 
Pre-delivery checklist
We will email you a check list to complete. Here are some questions you can expect:
Your delivery and invoice addresses
The make of your boiler
Details of your pellets store and pipework
Is the access road to your site suitable for a large lorry?
Do you have adequate turning room for the lorry?
Are there any obstructions, such as overhead cables, drain covers or tree branches?
How close to your pellets store can our lorry park?
Delivery of wood pellets
Our fleet is fitted with high specification weighing equipment, which is linked by computer to our office, making it easy to monitor the exact tonnage delivered to you.   Each lorry also carries on-board air evacuation systems and the specialist delivery pipework and fittings needed to connect the lorry to your pellets store and reduce pellet degradation.  Delivering wood pellets is a skilled job. The technique for delivery is different for every customer, because of varying factors such as:  

  • Pellet store location in building  
  • Pellet store design  
  • Height above the ground of your pellet store connections  
  • Length of pipework  
  • Contours of ground  

Our drivers are happy to discuss any problems you’re having with your biomass system and they will speak to one of our engineers if you need further help.

Your pellet store
Please ensure your pellet store is built toThe European Pellet Council standards, which gives guidance to installers and biomass system owners.  View wood pellets storage guide »
Certification of wood pellets

The wood pellets you buy from us meet the highest quality international certification: ENplus A1. Also, we are a BSL approved supplier, and the BSL number you need for claiming RHI payments from Ofgem is quoted on your invoice.  

  • BSL is a certification to confirm that the wood pellets you buy help to reduce carbon emissions  
  • ENplus is the quality standard for the production of wood pellets  

We take samples of all pellets delivered into our lorries, in accordance with ENplus quality assurance guidelines.


Hi Dave, thank you for delivering to us late last night in the snow.  Sorry we weren’t up to help and make you a hot drink.  Hope you got home safely
Christine Bristow, Glyntaf House

Fantastic service. Was caught short with an empty pellet store and they delivered with no notice whatsoever. Bravo!
Nigel Birt-Llewelin, Rose Hill