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Biomass Boilers

Quality Biomass Boiler installation

We supply, install and service commercial and domestic biomass boilers which burn wood logs, chip, waste or pellets, which are able to supply all your heating needs.

Commercial Biomass Heating Systems

Are you a business looking to reduce your energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions? Want to produce a greener world and get paid for it? We suggest switching to a biomass heating system which will bring you financial savings.

The government offers a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) energy subsidy for biomass installations. Biomass schemes offer a guaranteed income for 20 years which are tariff payments for every kWh of eligible heat generated.

There are multiple benefits to your business for using biomass:

  • RHI payments guaranteed for 20 years
  • Reduced carbon footprint which is great for your corporate social responsibility by making a positive impact on the environment.
  • Reduced risks related to fluctuating fossil fuel prices.
  • Good publicity as going green delivers a positive message to the community, stakeholders and customers.
  • Wood chip can deliver heat at between 1.5 – 3.5 kWh, versus oil or LPG at 3.5p kWh and electricity at 11p+ kWh meaning increased savings.

We install quality biomass heating systems, to a high specification to ensure a smooth operation.

An ETA boiler can supply you with all your energy needs.  All boilers in the range adhere to the ETA philosophy; they are efficient (95%), require minimal energy to operate, are very reliable, and simple to operate.  ETA produce world leading biomass boilers that are technologically advanced, highly efficient and fully automated.

For a free consultation and site survey please contact the team on 01437 761320 or email, info@pbe.org.uk.

Please visit our case studies page to view previous installations completed.

 Have a browse through some of the boilers we have on offer:

ETA PE-K Pellet boiler 35 to 95 kW

ETA Hack VR wood chip boiler with moving grate 333 – 500 kW

ETA SH wood gasification boiler 20 to 60 kW

For the full catalogue of boilers available please contact us to request a brochure.

 Making Biomass Work

Service and Maintenance

 We are MCS accredited and are a member of RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code) and UK Trading  standards Approved. We are also Gas Safe registered to service, maintain and repair back up boilers.

We can service and maintain biomass boilers, irrespective of whether PBESCO provided the original installation. Our experienced heating engineers are available for both planned and unplanned maintenance.

We offer ad-hoc, annual and long-term service and maintenance contracts to support your heating system throughout its lifetime. We can offer advice and undertake remedial action on existing renewable energy systems that do not meet your present heating requirements.

To book one of our engineering services or request a quote please contact us. For more information regarding biomass options for your property give us a call on 01437 761320 or email, info@pbe.org.uk.