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PBE Fuels
PBE Fuels. Est 2007.

PBE Fuels Ltd was established in 2007, following a notable demand for biomass wood pellets in Wales, alongside an increase in demand for alternative heating systems.

PBE Fuels is part of the PBE Group, which is a collection of three companies set up to serve the biomass industry. In 2003 its sister company, PBE Ltd, was formed with the ethos of raising awareness of, and to encourage agricultural businesses to grow energy crops, including Miscanthus and Willow, for use as a biomass fuel. This has given Graham and Paul (Directors) the knowledge and experience in all areas of the biomass Industry.

During the initial stages of PBE, the Bluestone Resort in Pembrokeshire was under development. It was their vision to have their entire heat demands for the resort derived from green energy. PBESCO Ltd was formed in 2007 and were awarded the contract to supply heat to the Bluestone Resort. The Blue Lagoon Water Park was the initial primary heat demand, and required two 800kW biomass boilers to heat 880,000 litres of water in the pool, flumes and lazy rivers, all of which consisted of outdoor elements. PBESCO Ltd supplied and installed these boilers, and in 2008 the Blue Lagoon opened.

Using wood chip produced by PBE Ltd, PBESCO Ltd. achieves the best possible efficiency from the biomass boilers and in doing so has been supplying 5,900,000 kwh of heat to the water park annually, maintaining a fixed water temperatures regardless of outside conditions.

In 2015, PBESCO Ltd. A further two 200kw ETA biomass boilers to service a new stage of development at Bluestone Resorts Ltd., supplying heat to 65 residential lodges.

An example of an installation by PBESCO Ltd
An example of an installation by PBESCO Ltd

In 2016, an overhaul of the Energy Centre at Bluestone Resorts Ltd., saw the installation of two new 500 kw Biomass Boilers to service the Blue Lagoon Water Park, offering a more efficient heating system ensuring sufficient heat supply into the future.

These are just two examples of a range of systems that PBESCO have installed.

In 2007, PBE Fuels had developed a small client base of both bagged and bulk wood pellet customers and was awarded its first 3 year supply contract in 2008 with the Local Authority Framework (Welsh Procurement Consortium) to deliver wood pellets to local authority schools, leisure centres and local office buildings across South and West Wales. At this time, PBE Fuels did not own their own vehicle, so worked alongside local hauliers to make their deliveries. During the cold winter months, this presented many challenges, particularly with the increased demand, however PBE Fuels met the challenge, succeeded and were able to buy their first bulk delivery vehicle in 2009. Due to their sheer determination and customer service skills, PBE Fuels have been able to develop their reputation and service, to ensure they will be able to offer each and every customer a reliable, sustainable and premium fuel supply meeting all UK and European requirements for the future.

PBE Fuels vehicle loading for its next delivery run
PBE Fuels vehicle loading for its next delivery run

Since 2008, PBE Fuels have increased their fleet to 5 bulk delivery vehicles and have been awarded several more contracts including the National Health Service, The National Trust, Family Housing Association (Wales), WPC (a new 4 year contract from 2011), Group Gwalia CYF, Dyfed Powys Police Headquarters and more recently the NPS contract (formally WPC) to supply public sector heating systems.

Expansion at our main depot, continuous development of our fleet, PBE Fuels guarantee supply to all customers at a competitive and sustainable price to ensure your supply of fuels in the future.